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C K One Stop Plumbing Solutions can provide the installation of a hot water cylinder or new radiators at your property, or service and repair your existing radiator system for optimum heating efficiency.


Radiator efficiency is of key importance to saving you money and ensuring that your home is heated satisfactorily as well as economically. If your radiator feels cold then water is not properly circulating around the radiator. Sludge is often trapped in radiators causing them to feel cold at the bottom. If you find your radiator to be partially cold then you may need us to come in and flush the system.


When choosing a radiator for a room, you need to think about the size of the room, as well as the size and style of the radiator. We can offer advice, source, supply and fit radiators from a number of suppliers with extensive catalogues to suit your room.

Whether you need a new radiator installed, want an existing radiator to be moved to a new location, or have problems with any number of radiators in your property, we can help!