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C K One Stop Plumbing Solutions has over 20 years of experience and knowledge in finding and fixing water leaks. Having worked for South West Water previously, we can give you valuable insight into water usage and leakage management.

Internal water leaks don’t usually occur very often, but when they do it is best to get them fixed immediately.

A small leak can quickly become a big problem if not attended to, causing damage to walls, ceilings and floors, not to mention furniture and other personal possessions. The cost of damage from leaking water will always far outweigh the cost of repair by a professional.

Even if you have just noticed the leak, it could have been happening for many days or weeks, and may even be part of a much larger and serious water problem.

As soon as you have noticed leaking water in your home, contact us immediately to arrange a visit.

Keep an eye on your water supply

Your water supply is crucial to your way of life, so make taking care of it a priority. Faulty water pipes can lead to low pressure, contamination and leaks.

Remember, if water is lost before it reaches your house, you’re still paying for it. That’s because the water is lost on your property and you’re legally responsible for the pipework on your land.

Worried you might have a leak in your water supply system? Do you have a leak that is not visible and don’t know where to start to fix it? We’re experts in water leak detection and can overcome leaks whenever we find a problem.

Our Hi-Tech leak detection service uses latest methods and technology to pinpoint leaks non-invasively.

Water escaping from a pipe makes a noise. An acoustic microphone can pick up this sound. Initially this can simply confirm the existence of a leak, and its approximate position. Further work, including calibrating the sound from 2 different positions, can pinpoint its precise location.

Many people do not know the route of their underground pipework and in these circumstances the RD500 is an effective instrument for locating and tracing buried plastic and/or concrete water pipes.

The images below show the type of acoustic microphone and the RD500 that we use in day to day leak detection services.

Help with repairing the cost of a leak

If you have a leak on your supply pipe, you are responsible for contacting a contractor to overcome it. However, did you know?

  • South West Water has a customer leakage policy (subject to terms and conditions) that offers customers a contribution toward the costs of repairing or renewing a supply pipe to overcome a leak
  • If you have a water meter, you are responsible for all of the consumption registered, even if this is higher than usual because of a leak. However, if your leak was underground and repaired within the statutory notice period, South West Water may grant you an allowance for both the water and sewerage elements of your bill up to the increase in the charges caused by the leak
  • Your household insurance policy or specific plumbing insurance may provide cover for any pipework repair or replacement that you may require. Where insurance cover is available, it may be possible to combine this with a financial contribution from South West Water

Filling in the claim forms can be daunting, but we know the policy inside and out and are happy to help you following completion of any leak repair work we carry out.